Get Quality Leads From Advanced Targeting On Facebook

If you are looking for quality leads through online Ads, then look no further than Facebook. In this article I will explain how you can target paying customers who will be interested in your offer, Whether you have an online business, or a local business, Facebook is the only solution for profitable conversions, by making your Ad appear on your potential customers Facebook account.

How does 5 cents a click sound? Well that’s what Google were offering about 10 years ago, and online businesses made a mint, until Google finally pulled the plug out. But now there’s good news for all businesses – Facebook are now doing the same, and suddenly there really does seem to be light at the end of the marketing tunnel. Many marketers have turned to buying leads, but getting quality leads for your target market can be very expensive, and results are never guaranteed.

But if you can pay round 5 cents for a highly targeted lead on Facebook, you really are on a winner! And you have complete control over how much you spend. The Facebook Ad campaigns have a daily budget, so you need to keep an eye on daily stats, and make image and text changes when the conversion cost begins to rise. You should also test different landing pages, and I have actually found that FB I frame App pages actually convert less, so my first tip is to send prospects directly to your squeeze or sales page.

First of all, you need to set up your business Facebook Advert Account, and then you will have access to the FB Power editor, which will allow you to upload your targeted audiences, which take about an hour to upload. Basically you need to target your main competitors Facebook fans, and they will then see your offer as an Ad on the right-hand side bar.

So once your target audience is in place, you proceed to set up your first Ad, and you will need, your offer page URL, a subject line, some copy, and an attractive image that suits your niche or local business. Important targeting options include either country or language, select your targeted audiences, and finally and very important… the Facebook- campaign, pricing and schedule must be set to optimize for impressions, and the bid at minimum CPM.

That being said, if your Ad reach does not reach you potential audience, then increase your bid by 1 cent per day til you finally get your offer across to your optimum audience/s.

The key factor for long term Ad campaigns is to split test different offers, and different landing pages, and to keep adding new target audiences. Check your daily stats, and for any Ad whose cost passes your budget, then just change the subject line, body and image, and remember to take note of your best converting ads to repeat at a later date.

Virtually every business today has a Facebook business page, so if you have got one yet, just find a YouTube video to show you how, and then begin to think about your target audiences to capture and let them now who you are, and what you have to offer.